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How to Calculate Your Consumption
You may roughly calculate the consumption for your connection on the basis of the load of each one of your household appliances by looking at the table given below and adding up the load for all your general lighting items, heating appliances, cooling appliances and other items which you may possess in your house. 1000 W (watts) is 1KW (kilowatt).





Load (Watts)

No. of

Hours /Day

Lamps 60
Tube Lights 50
Table fan/ceiling fan 60
Music System 100
Television 90
Mixer-cum-grinder 375
Electric Iron 750
Refrigerator 150
Room cooler 250
Heater / Immersion Heater 1000
Washing machine 750
Geyser 2000
Micro Wave Oven 2000
Air Conditioner (1 ton) 1500
Air Conditioner(1.5 ton) 2250
Computer 100
Printer 150
Toaster 750
Room heater
(rod type)
Pump motor 375

Total Units Consumed Per Month


NOTE The Preliminary assessment of  cost towards above energy consumption can be maid  from  present tarriff rates